Our Story

Officially incorporated in 2014


First projects delivered to UK clients in 2015


First international client in 2017


Expansion & larger international projects awarded in 2019


stacknreach.com launched in early-2020


Expansion into Berlin mid-2020

Tom Szpytman

The Generalist

Having accumulated a wealth of experience helping to build startups, consulting larger organisations, and working in all four corners of the globe, Tom loves a good challenge. Whether it's writing software, talking to clients or delving into project finances, be sure to find Tom spread across most of what goes on here at Voliyo.

Phil Chaveiro

The Organiser

From taking over operations and finance at his local health spa at age 15, to steering one of the most algorithmically complicated Business Intelligence Units within the airline industry at 25, Phil has a long-standing track record of bringing organisation to the most challenging of projects. These days, Phil's unrivalled organisational skills make sure all of our projects at Voliyo tick over smoothly.